African Adinkra Symbols

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 Adinkrahene Adinkrahene
"Chief of adinkra symbols" greatness, charisma, leadership.
 Akokonan Akokonan
"The leg of the hen", mercy, nurturing & discipling.
 Akomantoso Akomantoso
   "Linked hearts" symbol of understanding, agreement.
 Akoma Akoma
   "The heart", patience & tolerance.
 Anan se ntontan  Anan se ntontan
   "Spider's web", symbol of wisdom, creativity & the compexities of life.
 Asase ye duru Asase ye duru
   "The earth has weight", symbol of providence & the divinity of mother earth.
 Bi nka bi Bi nka bi
   "No one should bite the other", symbol of peace, harmony.
 Dame-Dame Dame-Dame
   Name of a board game, intelligence, ingenuity.
 Denkyem Denkyem
   "Crocodile", symbol of adaptability.
 Duafe Duafe
   "Wooden comb", symbol of beauty & cleanliness, symbol of desirable feminine qualities.
 Dwatakye atiko.jpg Dwatakye atiko
    "Hairstyle of a Asante war captain", symbol of bravery & valor.
 Dwennimmen Dwennimmen
   "Ram's horns", symbol of humility & strength.
 Eban Eban
   "Fence", symbol of love, safety & security.
 Ese ne tekrema Ese ne tekrema
   "The teeth and the tongue", symbol of friendship & interdependence.
 Fihankra Fihankra
   "House, compound", symbol of security, safety.
 Funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu Funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu
   "Siamese crocodiles", democracy, unity.
 Gye nyame Gye nyame
   Symbol of the all powerful and everlasting nature of God.
 Mate masie Mate masie
    "What, hear, keep", symbol of wisdom, knowledge & prudence.
 Me ware wo Me ware wo
   "I shall marry you", symbol of committment & perseverence.
 Nkonsonkonson Nkonsonkonson
   "Chain links", symbol of unity, human relations.
 Nsoromma Nsoromma
   "Child of the heavens", symbol of guardianship, reminder that God is the Father (stars) & watches over all people.
 Nyame biribi wo soro Nyame biribi wo soro
   "God is in the heavens".
 Nyame dua Nyame dua
   "Tree of God", symbol of God's presence & protection.
 Nyame nti Nyame nti
   "By God's Grace", symbol of faith & trust in God.
 Odo nnyew fie kwan Odo nnyew fie kwan
   "Love never loses its way home", symbol of power of love.
 Osram ne nsoromma Osram ne nsoromma
   "The moon and the stars", symbol of love, faithfulness, harmony. *This symbol reflects the harmony that exists in the bonding between a man & woman.
 Owud atwedee Owud atwedee
   "The ladder of death", symbol of mortality.
 Sankofa Sankofa
   "Return & get it", symbol of importance of learning from the past.
 Sankofa Sankofa
   "Return & get it", symbol of importance of learning from the past.
 Sesa woruban Sesa woruban
   "I change or transform my life", symbol of life transformation.
 Tamfo bebre Tamfo bebre
   "The enemy will stew in his own juice", symbol of jealousy & envy.

             The variations on the symbols presented here are limitless. The above is merely a selection of interest to the craftsman.

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