The History of deSignet

nd there lived once upon a time a young lad who was raised in a most unusual manner. Gold wire and silver plate were his playthings and yet his play was neither frivolous or without purpose for he was directed in the creation of objects of beauty and art. The shaping of rings, melding of precious metals, and the beauty, form and colour of stones drawn from the bountiful earth all formed the basis of his skills. As the lad grew, his skills and talents blossomed, he was graced with talented hands and a quick far-seeing mind. He soon applied the extensive resource of his gifts toward the creation of distinctive works to please those who came to know him. Tutored in the value and worth of metal and stone, he shared his knowledge with those who came to him. Value based on weight, worth based on cherished principles, were also gifts he freely granted to those who enlisted his service and advice. When he reached manhood, his talents flourished, few who dwelt in his area were aware that there was an artisan who possessed a sense of values which matched theirs. The world had changed, quality, uniqueness and value were forgotten words. Mediocrity, sameness and usurious prices were commonplace. Soon, the craftsman who valued the old ways began to challenge the misdeeds of the new. His shoppe began to produce almost all the items presented to those who came to it's doors. He serviced metals and stones. His knowledge of the spectrum of coloured stones and diamonds enabled all to obtain beautiful creations within realistic and economic frameworks. He and his associates graciouly found time to develop a trusting relationship with those who desired time-honored standards. His craftsmen provided discerning customers with a complete knowledge of how exquisite jewelry can be deSigned and sold at fair prices.

The preceding story has a two fold purpose . . .

1.) To contrast our unique goals with those of modern retailers.

2.) to emphasize our traditional values - choosing a setting, for example, that echoes an era of fine craftsmanship and service.

The real story:

Many of the tools we now use are from the first Schopp's Jewelry Shoppe, founded by Charles A. Schopp in 1909 in the Ellicott Square Building in Buffalo, New York, at the time the largest office building in the world. In 1922 the business was moved to Tonawanda, New York just north of Buffalo on the mighty Niagara River. Contiued by his son Charles Jr. who ran the business from 1949 to 1967 and added many lines to the retail operation. Today Reg Medlicott Schopp, grandson of the founder, continues the tradition. Graduating from Findlay College in 1971, Reg came home to help his mother run the business. In the early 70's Reg took the business back to the custom order format of his grandfather, slowly developing his hand engraving and his metal fabricating skills. Reg said, "The real joy comes from creating a piece of jewelry that pleases the customer and generates compliments for the wearer". In 1987 deSignet International was formed to market through magazines and national publications realizing the shrinking local marketplace and the need to expand outward. deSignet has found a unique market. Many of their current customers belong to groups and associations. By offering unique products to these groups for membership promotions and fundraisers, they found the perfect fit. "We have always tried to take the mystery out of jewelry making, a mystery often promoted by the large retailers to inflate value, often accompanied by large margins and surprise, easy credit. We want our customers to understand how the process works and, that, having "one of a Kind deSign" doesn't have to cost more, in fact, often less, without the hype. Let us help you understand just how it works. Send us a good black and white of your groups logo and we'll show you just how simple it can be.

Today we focus all of our attention to the Internet. After creating the orginal website in the spring of 1996 and launching the site in July we have made many adjustments to our marketing stategies. Now comprising over 95% of our sales the Internet has given us a forum to reach millions of unique customers. Our staff of 21 talented metalsmiths, graphic designers, web and marketing consultants team up daily to bring the best products to the site for your approval. Now with over 5000 items including hundreds of unique wedding rings and celtic designs we have become a element in the wedding band industry. Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to let us know if you visit has been enjoyable.

Nationally Advertised Products 1987-1992
deSignet International


Smithsonian Photograph Smithsonian Pin
Do you recognize this picture? This is an example of what type of detail we can achieve. It is the original Smithsonian Institute formed by the U.S. Congress in 1846 from a large sum of money left by James Smithson. The photo to the right is a Sterling replica we made and presented in 1990 for approval as a pin. Even though production was fouled up in red tape we are still very pleased with the detail we accomplished. The 2" pin is available in sterling for $59.95 and in 14Kt for $295. 50% of all proceeds from the sale of this pin will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

These are some of our National B&W Magazine Ads we ran in the New Yorker, Smithsonian and Yankee magazines in the late 1980's and early 90's

We are very proud of the copy, although a bit corny I admit, it seemed a perfect way for us to present our ideas. In the national marketplace it is the unique in deSign that stands out and a creative approach to the copy seemed an appropriate fit. Some of these items are featured in other sections of this site in color. It is interesting to see just how effective a good black and white photograph can be. It seems so long ago and color seemed so prohibitive at the time. The starfish pictured in the ad are modeled after a real starfish found by my daughter, Kim, on her first trip to Florida in 1988. The use of one inverted creates sort of a yin yang effect, a great look. 1 1/4" across with omega clips for support, pierced or non $85.00 in sterling and $350.00 in 14KT for the single and $175 and $650 for the double style.

These lobsters, approx 1 1/4" long with moveable claws make the most stunning earrings. Also available as cuff links and pins. In sterling with omega clips $85.00 and $385.00 in 14Kt. Perfect for the summer outings by the shore. Eagle cuff links and tuxedo studs

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