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The deSignet Family

Here is an overview of who we are and where we came from. We truly are "bricks with clicks", not just a web presence. Founded by Charles A. Schopp in 1899, we have been in business for over 108 years- Our Roots, we just found ten years!! Collectively our staff has over two hundred years of "hands on" experience helping customers. We are located between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York, once the Honeymoon capital of the world, we invite you to Visit to our Shoppe. The internet is a great way for people to find exactly what they want, BUT we are all slightly uncomfortable taking the online ordering plunge. I hope this will help us get acquainted. We are here ready to make that special gift become a reality.

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Reg M. Schopp - Grandson of the Founder

As a child growing up in the jewelry business, jewelry was never an option. Reg's parents wanted more. The "tests" implied accounting should be his path in life. After college, majoring in the social sciences, minoring in math, music, business and computer programing, Reg was unqualified for any real occupation, jewelry was his only option. Engraving and basic Service skills, watch bands, gift wrapping, things he learned as a boy, enough to get started. When Reg realized how much he disliked selling the same old merchandise everyone handled, he got serious, learning Hand Engraving, Casting, Jewelry deSign and Fabrication. If you have an idea, Reg loves to sketch. Click Here Ironically loving his craft wasn't enough. Convention markets, golf, military, nautical jewelry as well as the traditional wedding and engagement rings all worked to a degree but the struggle continued. Then the internet came along and Reg's love for programming, from his college years, finally made the difference. Now writing HTML is just another way for him to show off the wonderful product deSignet creates. A jeweler/programmer, a fit made in internet jewelry heaven. Now with a great staff Reg thrives on helping customers create truly special pieces of jewelry. From sterling belt buckles to complex platinum mountings with incredible gemstones, he has no preference. In his words, "it isn't about the money". Watch out . . . .his goal is to become your hometown jeweler.
48 Years Jewelry Experience

deSignet's History
Roman J. Jurga - Shoppe Foreman / Goldsmith

From the time Roman came to work here in 1989, he has played a key role in the development of our business. Bringing bench skills along with an incredible work ethic, he is the guy that gets the job done. His jewelry skills include casting, mold and model making, and fabrication. He is a team player first, always on time, ready to do any job. No one could ask for a better partner and friend.
34 Years Jewelry Experience

Nathan Cook

Our own chemical engineer, Nathan was a friend looking for a change from a more stressful life. His impeccable organization skills along with a knowledge of how the elements become compounds, is expertise above and beyond. Nathan creates all of our molds and maintains the mold database, currently with over 7000 unique deSigns. He is the consummate naturalist with great photographic skills as well. His photos of nature have become a magical part of Grand Island's Online News Website IsledeGrande.Com . Check out his photos on Nature's Bounty Webpage
15 Years Jewelry Experience

Roland Hayes- Military Specialist

I came in to contact with Reg and deSignet in 1995 when I was given his name so that I could have a wedding ring set made. From this start, a friendship has developed and grown. I have spent a few years in uniform of the armed forces of the United States; I have been in both airborne divisions (101st) (82nd) and have time in other units as well. Some of the others are 1/509th 8th ID. Germany, 90th ID, 98th div. (TNG) 19th SF Group, and have time with the US Air Force as a human relations instructor. I also belong to the DAV. VFW, 101st abn div association, 82nd div association, 187 RCT association, Infantrymen association, all airborne association, and the Army Aviation association. I am also a combat wounded and disabled vet. Reg and I saw a need for custom hand made jewelry for the different military units and individuals who would cherish their time in service and wanted jewelry to show that pride. We have been going strong ever since.

GIECOM.Net Inc. and IsledeGrande.Com Staff

Jodi Robinson - Editor
Jodi started in 2001 as a novice and today she has taken on the role of Editor of Isledegrande.Com. Jodi has also been hired by the Town of Grand Island as their newest Town Historian. She updates and maintains Isledegrande and all the current Advertising. Feel free to give her a call 773-6789 or Email her with any news or Advertising questions.
Chip Schopp - Grandson of the Founder - Software Developer

Chip has been helping us with our database management systems for several years. He has created many of the programs that make our systems run smoothly. It is one of those things that are critical to making things happen. Chip also runs his own software development company Pondview Software and plays a little bass trombone. Chip lives in Bolton, Massachusetts.