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A Totally New Concept in the Jewelry Experience. . .
"The Jewelers Notebook"

We will share stories about some of our most interesting projects

Uniquely we make most of our jewelry by hand, the old fashioned way. We concern ourselves with durability not always price. Ironically a good percentage of our work involves around repairing the commercial product people buy online. You can always give us a call 1-888-727-8266 or our direct line 716-773-6256 It has always been our goal to become your hometown jeweler, now in our 47th year on the island. Origianally opened by my Grandfather Charles Schopp on Grant Street in 1899, 120 years ago. We have his tools on display.

Even A Star Can Become Family Jewelery

Sometimes the simplest symbols can convey HUGE messages . . .this classic handmade sterling silver star pin with five birthstones brings joy and special memories every time it is worn. The beauty of this is that the questions almost always get asked and conversations begin with family, the names of the children, where they live.... This pin could be sterling silver or platinum, the stones can be genuine or simulated, it doesn't matter, clean lines, classic shape. Making a pin like this is actually fun for those that love their craft. My pencil is always ready and the sketches and estimates are always FREE. Email Me with any ideas you have. . . sketches@raru.com Unfortunately the Shoppe is Closed but I check my emails I have pencils at home as well. Even the sketch can be emailed and put in a card. We are doing our best to process orders safely.

Help Us All Think of Clear Sailing Ahead

Late last year we took a very specific order from Florida, 8mm wide 8 sailboats in 18Kt yellow gold, their wish was our command. We created and approved the graphic in one day, and shipped the finished band one week later. Customer received the ring and raved. If only the future could be so simple. Let us all think of brighter days and getting out of the house and onto or in the mighty Niagara. In so many ways we are blessed. "Love One Another" and stay safe, we live in the greatest county on earth.
Here at raru.com we are proud to say "Made in America".
Here is Youtube link to an amazing rendition of our
National Anthem
by Alessandra Sorace, God Bless America!

deSignet Helps with a Medical Emergency

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from an islander in need of a unusual battery for their digital thermometer . . . . which we had CR-1225. As the story goes he had been to the hardware store both chain phamacies and nope every battery but the one he needed. As a last resort his lovely wife suggested calling Reggie, and in this business climate I would never take exception . . . :) Maybe some of you are experiencing a similar situation, we would love to help. In fact the first call I took today was for . . . you guessed it a battery for their digital thermometer. She was a very nice lady, she wanted me to mention and yes it worked.
Our specialty is really unique one of a kind deSigns, all created here in our shoppe from our metal or yours . . AND don't forget, sketches are always FREE. Email me sketches@raru.com with any ideas you might be considering. I had three old friends stop by last week for updating their appraised value. . .getting the pictures ready for next week.
Be Safe, Be Well and May God Bless.

Young Womens Christinan Association Award Pin

Probably the best example of four colors of 14Kt gold we have ever done, can you see the white,rose, yellow and green? This retirement award we created 20+ years ago started with a sketch. A gift for a retiring director they wanted something elegant yet subtle. Are you having trouble seeing the initials? That is part of the fun. . . .I am particualarly proud of this, even the hidden heart makes me smile, what do you think? My pencil is always ready and the sketches are always FREE. A great way to repurpose gold. . . Email Me (sketches@raru.com) or Stop by the Shoppe 1869 Whitehaven Rd.

2018 St. Martin's Journey to Adulthood Cross

This is definitely one of my favorite projects. Working with Father King from St. Martin in the Fields on Baseline became a bi-annual event. He would be guiding a group of young people from the church on a trip as a part of the Episcopalian Journey to Adulthood Program. It was my pleasure to work on a deSign for a cross that would help raise money for their journey, in many ways it helped me understand parts of my own faith. Father King and I would work through ideas to incoporate in the very special Cross. This Cross even had Christ, the Descending Dove, two fish and the bread that fed thousands. In addition we used the Crusaders cross format. It was then my task to create a deSign and ultimately the crosses. In most cases the Crosses were offered to members of the congregation and the proceeds would go to offset the cost of the trip. I will probably feature other Crosses we have done, all with their own unique message. Thank you Father King.

A True Niagara River Ring Back in Service

We built this ring as a birthday present 20+ years ago. it came in for a cleaning and sizing. If this ring doesn't scream Niagara River I don't know what does . . . the color of the Aquamarine reminds me of summer on the water. The style of the shank was one of my favorites back at the turn of the century :) Styled to look like waves. so glad it is back on someone's finger being enjoyed. A summer reminder always helps when the snow is blowing and the wind is howling . . come on spring, daylight savings right around the corner, can't wait. As it travels the world flying the friendly skies it might just bring people to "raru.com" and generate some business. So glad to see old friends!

Platinum Hand Fabricated 50th Anniversary Ring

This ring we created last spring for a well established customer, originally from Canada, now in Florida. As the story goes he wanted us to create a very special ring set with two 1ct. heart shaped diamonds for his 50 year sweetheart. We started with sketches, always FREE . . you can see them on the right. then we progressed through a silver model of the proposed deSign. Next we sourced two great matching GIA certified heart shaped diamonds. We finished ahead of the anniversary and it arrived safely. The last time I checked she loves the ring. . . . always a concern.
This is one of the most challenging from our 2019 playbook, a challenging year.

Custom 14Kt Rose Gold Family Crest Wedding Ring

This ring is one of my favorites and honestly well received by hundreds of Google searches.
Here is a link to the graphic that will show you how detailed this product really is. . .
As you can see the repeating Fleur de lis, the monogram heart, the eagle, the three panel family crest, descending dove, praying hands. All of these symbols represent some meaningful piece of their lives. I am sure they receive comments every day. I hope they freely share "raru.com". My joy lives in the detail, even the family crest which is less than 7mm tall clearly shows the elements. It isn't unusual for detail be so we articulated that magnification is needed to view. Offering products like this in 14Kt yellow, white, rose or green gold, sometimes with contrasting colored edges. Sketches for bands like this are always FREE.

Custom Grand Island Beauty and Beast Charm in Silver

To celebrate the Grand Island High School production of Beauty and the Beast, we created a modified logo incorporating the shape of Grand Island, it seemed the perfect fit. $10 from the $30 price is going back the Grand Island High Choral group . . to offset expenses. I wish there was more we could do. For those of you lucky enough to catch the performance, it has to be one of the best ever. I am a little biased, Gaston was my grandson, either way the casting was spot on, the voices were amazing. Maybe if we cross our fingers we might be able to purchase copies of a DVD or CD?

"2019 Favorite Projects"

Custom Ranch Brand Signet 18Kt Gold

Here is a classic signet for a California customer with a ranch. Another example of the 18Kt yellow gold revival, three others this week. New gold from the get go . . now considering two more for his sons. Super clean lines are often the best. Many of these ideas start with a call or email and request for sketches and pricing, always FREE, like these
PR Brand Signet Concepts.
From this point we fine tune likes and dislikes, materials sizes etc. Often we create the models in multiple sizes for tack pins/charms, money clips and key fobs. One setup fee covers all four sizes for future gifts.

Custom Family Heart Pendant - Repurposed 14Kt Gold

What a great way to repurpose gold, a heart with the parents and three children. . . . . and it was FREE :) well almost. As you can see in the sketch the option of adding birthstones is still being considered. Often the value of the gold people bring in is greater than the cost of the job, in fact often enough as in this case to cover the cost of a gold chain, sometimes much more. In a way it feels like FREE and the monthly budget is untouched. Take a minute and go through your jewelry collection and see how many broken chains, single earrings there might be, maybe with gemstones we can include. The process is relatively painless and maybe the magic of the sentimental metal will make it even better. Sometimes we can take that memory from a gift in past and make it new again. Sketches are always FREE and they come with estimates. Again, I only wish I had taken a picture of the original gold lot . . . .

Custom Triangle Knot Pendant from Original Engagement Ring and Band

One of my favorite families from Lockport with a very special request. The customer's sister was losing ground to Alzheimer’s and it was time to repurpose her engagement and wedding rings into a very special pendant she could enjoy. My only regret on this job was no picture of the rings before, sample image is very close. The struggle came trying to remove the individual leaves and flowers from her band and engagment ring, it just took time and patience. Once the parts were removed I grouped the pieces by color and made wire, 14Kt rose, white and green. If you look carefully at the pendant the colors are pretty obvious. Rose for the arms of the cross green for the back and 14Kt white for the triangle knot, representing the Holy Trinity. Placing the engagement diamond at the foot of the cross worked perfectly . . I think. So much of what we do is subjective. Finding a way to repurpose gold is definitely at the top of my list. As a craftsman that loves his craft, there is no better way for us to demonstrate our skills. It starts with an idea and hopefully it turns into a piece that can be as meaningful as the original item it was created from, maybe even more. I only wish I had taken a picture of the original set. . . .

30 Years Ago . . . . post midnight special

A good friend came to me with a special Christmas project. It was about two weeks before Christmas. . .I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I accepted the project with one condition, since it would take hours to make, I had to do it last, agreeing to finish it for Christmas. The ring is totally handmade, in the jewelry industry that means that none of the pieces are from a commercial inventory. You can see the shank is rose and green gold, the top of the ring is all 14Kt white gold. In total there are 40+ pieces of gold, circles and wire prongs, with 72 solder joints. Eight prongs on the center shared with the eight .12ct diamonds around, six hours to build and I delivered the ring at 2AM Christmas morning. It is hard for me to even believe but as my brother would say, "there were no distractions, the shoppe was closed and you were focused, on one thing. Delivering the Special Christmas Ring."

D-Day Awards December 6th 75 Year Anniversary Medallions

In October we were commissioned by the Grand Masonic Lodge of Washington D.C. to create six medallions. The special Awards were presented to six Masons that participated in the D-Day invasion on December 6th 1944. They were in Washington being recognized for their service. It was a privilege to offer our services and be a part of the celebration. We created the graphics including the US Armed Forces Crest then added the text around the border. Each medallion was 2.5" in diameter and weighed almost two ounces of sterling silver. Last year we recreated the Grand Masters Jewel for this lodge, also reworked the Pennsylvania State Grand Masters Jewel. Our attention to detail has given us many of these antique replica projects. From our end it is just another way to utilize the techniques we have perfected within our trade.

"The Insurance Appraisals"
deSignet International offers our customers, past and present Insurance and Estate Appraisals on any jewelry item . . . purchased anywhere. There is only one good time and that is now. The saddest times are when customers come into the shoppe with a story about a burglary in their home and their jewelry has been stolen. Even sadder is when you hear that none of it was insured.

Here is an Engagement Ring we fabricated early this year.
And here is a link to the Appraisal . As you can see it identifies the product with a description and photos showing the actual ring. A typical appraisal with photo might run $70 and in most cases it is done while the customer waits, it could take 15 minutes. As a bonus we clean and sometimes polish the item for FREE.

Greek Orthodox Wedding Rings
I was contacted by a Greek Orthadox priest in Las Vegas, we made bands for a friend of his in San Fransico a few years back. Father Seraphim Ramos supplied us with an image of Jesus Christ he wanted on his band and an image of Mary for his wifes, with text going around the band. More than four hours went into the graphics from which we perfected the models and molds. The finished bands were 18Kt white gold with 18Kt yellow gold electroplate in the background. This project gave me a great sense of accomplishment AND a very happy customer, hopefully more referrals.

If you want to share your stories . . . send them to Reg@raru.com

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .

Old Favorites . . Stories to follow . . .